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How to List Your Business on Google Maps - 3 Simple Steps

Search engine visibility is important! If your business is not currently listed on Google Maps, you could be missing out on local orders and bookings. Here is a fast and simple way to get your brand listed on Google Maps. We hope this helps!

Step One: Claim Your Business Online

Set up a Google My Business account with your business email m address by visiting Click GET ON GOOGLE or MANAGE NOW and follow the on-screen directions to officially claim your business. When you've claimed your business, it will ask for your business address which will be used for listing when your account is verified.

Step Two: Verify Your Business Location

Google will want physical proof that your business exists and receives mail at the address that you've claimed. They will send you a postcard with a verification number included. Keep this number and enter it where Google instructs you to. This will verify that your business is located where you say that it is.

Step Three: Set Up Your "Google My Business" Page

When your business and its location have been confirmed with Google, you'll need to add details to your Google+ business page for customers to see. This information can include your business hours, images of your products/work, your menu, website, and contact information.

All done! Enjoy the benefits of Local Search Optimization via Google.



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