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30 Instagram Reels Content Ideas for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Instagram is shifting AWAY from photos!! The algorithm is going to focus more on promoting their newest vertical video feature called REELS. Here are our recommended content ideas for posting reels to promote your business:

  1. Debunk A Myth

  2. Behind The Scenes Working On Your Business

  3. Tips and Tricks

  4. Skits and Scenarios

  5. Tutorials

  6. Working With A Client

  7. Pop Up Shops and Networking Events

  8. Transformation (Before and After)

  9. Facts About Your Brand

  10. Client Reviews

  11. Facts About Your Products

  12. Create Your Own Commercial!

  13. Facts About Your Services

  14. Why You Started

  15. Motivation For Those Who Want To Start A Business Like Yours

  16. Facts About You

  17. Reaction Videos

  18. A Tour of Your Office or Work Space

  19. Day in the Life

  20. Shopping for Your Business

  21. Thank Your Supporters

  22. Modeling (or using) Your Products and Merchandise

  23. Thank Your Team

  24. What Problems Does Your Business Solve?

  25. Your Most Popular Products or Services

  26. Frequently Asked Questions

  27. Explain Your Policies

  28. Screen Recording of Your Website

  29. Celebrate an Accomplished Goal

  30. Random Dancing!

There are many creative ways to post about your business without spamming your followers. These ideas will keep your supporters engaged and informed.



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