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Get Your Website Ready for Back to School Sales

Get your website ready for back-to-school sales!! Back to School season can be exciting and profitable for business owners. If your business is holding a back to school sale, we recommend making the following updates on your website:

Activate Discount Codes in Advance

When targeting parents who may be shopping your sale during such a busy time of year, it's important to make the checkout experience as fast and easy as possible. Be sure to have your discount codes active before launching a back-to-school sale so that parents can simply click a link, paste a code, and place an order without any issues unlocking the markdown.

Create a "Back to School" Homepage Section

Research shows that online shoppers are more likely to place an order if an "add to cart" button is visible within 30 seconds of browsing a website. Place a "back to school" product section on the homepage of your website to increase in the likelihood of making sales during your back-to-school special.

Promotional Pop-Ups and Emails

Create a pop-up for back to school shoppers to subscribe. Next, set up automatic emails that send regular reminders about your back-to-school deals. This will keep them engaged and potentially generate recurring orders. Finally, schedule a thank you email that shows gratitude to the teachers, students, and parents who joined your mailing list during the special. This display of morale will motivate them to stay on your list long-term instead of unsubscribing after the sale.

Back to school season can be a profitable time of year for business owners if your sale is conducted tastefully. With these tips, your website will be prepared to handle a successful back to school special.

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