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Get Leads from Your Blog! How Blogging Increases Sales and Bookings

Blogging is profitable!! If your website doesn't currently have a blog, you could be missing out on sales, bookings, and referrals. Here are a few helpful ways that your brand could benefit from publishing blog articles on your website:

Expert Knowledge Builds Trust

People hire people they can trust! By blogging about topics that are relevant to your brand, you can position yourself as an expert within your niche. Sharing knowledge with your customers, clients, and followers helps to build a level of trust that often causes customers and clients to remain loyal to your brand and/or make referrals.

Improves SEO & Helps You Get Found on Google

Search engines like Google and Bing depend on YOU to provide them with the results that appear on their many pages when people search for different topics. Blog articles boost your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search engine visibility by providing Google and Bing with more content to display from your website when relevant topics are searched. The more informative written content you have on your website, the more keywords a search engine can choose from.

Increases Website Traffic and Engagement

Your website's blog can increase traffic and engagement by providing your readers with helpful content that is worthy of saving and sharing. It's important to add interactive elements to your blog posts like social media sharing options, comment capabilities, subscriptions, coupons, and related product/service links to ensure that your content is generating conversion and profits!

Blogging establishes trust, positions your brand as an expert, improves search engine visibility, and increases website engagement. Choose a topic that you love to write about or compile a list of relevant subjects and publish the articles on on your website!

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