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Your logo should communicate the vision, voice, and value of your brand to your ideal supporters. With our signature logo development process, we'll design a logo that benefits your company in profitable ways.

What's included?

  • Logo Design Strategy

  • Graphic Logo

  • Monogram

  • Text-Based Logo

  • Alternate Logo Mark

  • Signature Brand Pattern

  • Style Guide

  • Typography

  • Color Palette



We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a precise turnaround schedule. All designs are created based on the information we receive from you. The more details you submit, the better your project will be! There will be no refunds permitted after the design process has begun.

Logo Development Suite

Excluding Sales Tax
    • After payment:

      • You'll download a file instructing you to complete a form that allows you to describe your new logo. 
      • You'll get 3 samples/drafts based on your description, then you'll have 2 revisions (feedback submissions) on the selected design.
        • 1 Final logo design set released after revisions have been made.