Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Sending irrelevant emails is shouting into an empty room!! If your email campaigns don't generate clicks or views on your website, you may need to rethink what you're sending and how you send it. Here are three easy ways to improve your email marketing:

Group Subscribers into Segments

Send people what THEY want to see! Targeted emails help to show customers that you have their individual needs in mind. Group your subscribers into SEGMENTS based on the commonalities that are most important to your brand. For example: If you sell products for entrepreneurs, it may be helpful to group your email subscribers into SEGMENTS based on the types of businesses your customers most commonly own. This way, when you have a discount for people who own a "beauty" business or a "fashion" brand, you can target them without flooding your other subscribers with irrelevant spammy emails.

Use Tags to Make Notes About Subscribers

Adding TAGS to your subscribers can help you to make notes about who they are or what they've received from your business. This will also help you target certain subscribers within each SEGMENT of your audience. For example, if you have a SEGMENT within your audience called "women" you may want to add TAGS called "frequent shoppers" and "no orders" to the contacts within this segment. This way, if you have a discount for women who have never purchased from your brand, you can target them without sending that email to your frequent shoppers who can't even use the discount.

Take Your Email Analytics Seriously!

Before you plan your next email marketing campaign, take a look at the data from your previous attempts and use that information to your advantage. Here are a few data-driven questions to ask yourself before sending out your next e-blast:

  • Who has opened your emails the most often?

  • What days of the week do your emails get the most opens? What time of day is this happening?

  • Which emails are actually getting clicks? What are they clicking?

  • Which segment(s) of my audience would benefit the most from this email?

When you take your subscribers' preferences into consideration, you can send better targeted emails on behalf of your brand.

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