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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media doesn't have to be overwhelming!! Campaigns often require lots of planning before you create any content. If you need an easier, less time-consuming strategy for creating your next social media campaign, here's what we recommend:

Set Realistic, Reachable Goals

Decide what kind of results you want to see, and set a date. Why are you launching this campaign? What are you trying to get out of it? Be specific. Whether you're trying to make a certain amount of money or obtain a specific number or followers, set a date and be specific with your desired outcomes.

Select Content Topics and Subtopics

Most online campaigns last 30 days to build familiarity and engagement online. Decide on a theme for the month, choose subtopics for each week of the month, and plan your content to fit each subject.

Prepare Your Website for Clicks

If any of your posts during the campaign will be leading viewers to click a link, be sure to have your website or landing pages set up to perform the actions you need. For example, if your posts will be guiding readers to "place an order at the link in my bio", the link should give viewers direct access to place an order without having to spend much time browsing your website.

With these factors considered, you should be able to develop a concise social media marketing campaign that is tailored to your brand's goals.



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