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Get More Online Reviews! Easy Ways to Collect More Feedback

Reviews are essential!! If your customers and clients are NOT leaving reviews about your products and services online, you might want to try new creative ways to ask for their feedback. Here are a few easy tips to help you collect more reviews, more often.

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Collect Reviews at Checkout

Most website platforms will let you customize your checkout form (or booking form), allowing you to decide what information is collected from a customer/client before payment is submitted. You can add a segment that asks "If you've shopped with us before, do you have any feedback?" along with their shipping address and other order info.

Reward Them! Provide Incentives

Provide your customers and clients with a reward for leaving reviews. Consider offering FREE shipping on their next order or an exclusive coupon/discount in exchange for publicly sharing their feedback. Rewarding customers for reviews makes it clear that you appreciate the time that they took to inform others about how great your business really is.

Add Star Ratings to Your Website

By adding a star-rating review collection feature to your website, you are providing your customers and clients with the chance to rate their experience without the need to type in a full review. This increases engagement on your website with a visually appealing interactive element while also collecting feedback in a way that doesn't distract your customers from shopping on your website.

Reviews and feedback are an excellent way to display the fact that your brand has a trustworthy reputation. These methods for collecting feedback can increase your online feedback without hassling or inconveniencing your clients and customers.

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