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Find New Subscribers! How to Build Your Mailing List Organically

Grow your mailing list!! If you are struggling to attract new email subscribers, it might be helpful to try more creative tactics. Here are our recommendations:

Create Funnels of Interest

If your target audience is interested in specific topics within your field, create helpful content and coupons related to each topic. Make this content/coupon exclusively available to people who subscribe to your mailing list, and set a requirement that a person must subscribe in order to get access. Place ads about this helpful content/coupon on social media to funnel new people into your email list based on their interests!

Host a Helpful Giveaway

When hosting a giveaway, it is important to raffle off an item/service that is beneficial to your audience so that they are motivated to participate. Set a requirement that those who would like to enter the giveaway must subscribe to your website for email alerts when the winner is announced. Get new subscribers and make them feel rewarded for joining your squad!

Add a Blog to Your Website

By adding a blog to your website, you can increase the likelihood of gaining new subscribers because blog posts are found in Google search results every day. Blog content boosts your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by displaying your content when internet users search for relevant keywords. For example, if you've ever searched "how to make a logo" and were provided with blog posts that explain how to do this, you might subscribe to that website for more helpful tutorials. Be sure to have a "subscribe now" pop-up ready to greet your blog's new readers!

It is more beneficial to build a community that is actually interested in your brand than to collect a crowd of inactive subscribers. By utilizing these tactics, you will be able to recruit new subscribers to your website's mailing list without having to manually search for new supporters.



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