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Three Reasons to Add Text Messaging (SMS) to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jan 15

When is the last time you received a promotional text message? Text messaging allows you to connect with your customers in a more personable way, creating a direct line of contact for you and your consumers. Here are three benefits of adding SMS marketing to your digital marketing strategy.

High Engagement Rates and Immediate Engagement

In today's society, many people have settings on their phone to manage when and how they receive emails. Many people are more likely to view their text messages immediately, whereas email notifications may only be permitted during their preferred hours. According to Forbes, it takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. SMS marketing will allow you to deliver your message or promotion to directly to your consumers in a format that they already use all day, every day. By promoting your business through text messages, you're positioning your business among the consumer's daily communication streams.

People Are Starting to Prefer Text Over Email

People actually want to be able to text your business! As smartphones have become an extension of our daily thought processes, research is showing that most consumers would prefer to text businesses for various reasons:

  • 85% of customers in 2022 prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

  • 70% of consumers want to use mobile messaging to troubleshoot issues.

  • When it comes to updating or changing a purchase, 64% of customers say they’d prefer to use mobile messaging.

  • 68% of consumers would like to use mobile messaging to contact a company with billing questions or concerns.

Based on these numbers, how would it enhance your business if you offered customer support via text? In this age of instant communication, people don’t often enjoy sitting through time-consuming phone calls or reading spam-like emails from brands. SMS marketing allows you to get straight to the point without all of the fluff that makes a strong promotional email, and without all of the annoying small talk that happens during business calls.

SMS Marketing Can Help Build Consumer Loyalty

When people know that they can contact your company directly, and receive direct communication in return, this helps to establish an invaluable sense of trust between your brand and the consumer. There may be other companies in your field for them to choose from, but unfortunately only 14% of companies text with consumers. Would YOU trust your money to be handled properly by a company that you can't even reach out to? You can easily set your business apart from your competitors by opening this direct line of communication, since many other brands are overlooking this opportunity to build profitable relationships with their consumers.

Not sure how text message marketing could help your business? Try conducting an experiment. First, launch an SMS marketing campaign and collect as many phone numbers as you can in a 30-day period. Promote to your SMS subscribers consistently for three months, and remain consistent with your current email marketing tactics as well. Take a look at your analytics from the past three months on both platforms and use these numbers to analyze consumer behavior so that you can improve both strategies. Get out there and send those texts!

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