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Minority-Owned Brands Served

At BlueCheck Marketing Studio, our core mission is to create and elevate online platforms committed to making a significant and positive impact in their community and online.


We specialize in empowering health and wellness professionals, non-profit organizations, educational entities, coaches, consultants, and more. Our goal is to help you not only thrive but also contribute meaningfully in the digital landscape.

We Build Online Platforms Designed To Make A Positive Community Impact


Founded by a Social Worker and a US Army Veteran, our impact-driven approach to digital marketing reflects our passion for driving positive change. We work with purpose-driven businesses who share our commitment to empowering communities, one digital step at a time.

Customization: We understand that each mission is unique. Our personalized strategies are designed to align your online presence with your community and impact goals.

Results-Driven: Our success metrics go beyond just numbers. We measure our achievements by the real-world impact you make.

Collaboration: We collaborate closely with you, ensuring that your online platform reflects your values and resonates with your audience.

Defining & Enhancing the Vision, Voice, and Value of Your Business


Your website is the gateway to your community. Let us craft a captivating and purpose-driven online presence that connects, engages and converts.

Web Design and Development

Harness the power of email marketing, social media, content creation, and more. We'll amplify your message while staying true to your mission.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Support

Need a digital marketing brain to pick? Our expert consultants provide guidance and strategies that align your online initiatives with your mission.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Defining and Enhancing the Vision, Voice, and Value of Your Business


Start by exploring our comprehensive range of services, including web design and development, full-service digital marketing, and digital marketing consulting.

Review Our Services

Submit our quote request form and review the starting rates for our signature services. If our rates align with your budget, we will invite you to schedule an introductory call.

Request A Quote

After reviewing your inquiry, we'll invite you to schedule a 15-minute intro call with our Digital Marketing Director. This is an opportunity to assess whether our approach resonates with your vision and values.

Schedule A Call

Upon deciding to partner with us, we'll guide you through our on-boarding process. This ensures that we're aligned on objectives, expectations, and project milestones, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

Become A Client!

At BlueCheck Marketing Studio, we're committed to helping you make a greater impact by effectively communicate your vision, voice, and value to your ideal audience. 


We're committed to building lasting, fruitful relationships with our clients. By taking the time to ensure we're the right fit, we set the stage for a partnership that's not only productive but also enjoyable. 


Here's how to work with us: Review our services, request a quote, and if our rates align with your budget, schedule an introductory call! 

Is BlueCheck The Right Team For Your Business? Let's Find Out!


Starting a business and hosting an event takes lots of months of planning and finances; and yet, we still needed to factor in marketing. We needed great quality work at a valuable price and Blue Check Marketing Studio was ideal for designing and helping us to launch our site. We are beyond pleased with the work and will be partnering again for future projects and ventures.

- Christina Hall, Co-Founder of the Empower Her Women's Conference

Let's Get Started! Request A Quote And Schedule An Introductory Call

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Reach out to BlueCheck Marketing Studio today to explore how we can strengthen your brand's online visibility and amplify your mission. Let's create a better digital world together, grounded in understanding and purpose.

Ready to work with us? Review our services, request a quote, and if our rates align with your budget, schedule an introductory call! 

We're Excited To Learn More About Your Mission, Vision & Values


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