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We're excited to help you expand your online reach with our Social Media Management services! Beginning May 1st, the service packages listed below will be available.

Our current signature Social Media Management service aligns most closely with the PRO package. CURRENT DIGITAL MARKETING CLIENTS: If you'd like to move forward with the PRO package, you are welcome to book ahead at the current rate of $750/month by May 1st:


  • A maximum of 3 months of PRO Social Media Management service can be booked in advance at the current rate.

    • This means that you may only reserve up to 3 months of the PRO package at the current rate of $750.

  • A deposit payment must be submitted before May 1st in order to reserve the PRO package in advance at the current rate.

    • Payment arrangements: If you would like to reserve 3 months of PRO service in advance, you are welcome to pay in 3 equal installments of $750 ($750 deposit), pay in 2 equal installments of $1125 ($1125 deposit), or pay in full at a total of $2250. Let us know which payment plan works for you, and which months you'd like to reserve the service for via email by clicking the button below.​


Ready to get started? Send us an email with your preferred package and we'll apply the changes to your upcoming invoices appropriately.

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