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Children's Unisex Clothing eCommerce Website Design and Development via Wix

THE CLIENT: Yellowe Kids Co. is a children's unisex clothing brand that aims to celebrate kids for their creativity and individuality without feeling the need to stick to a societal norm. Whether it's tying their shoes for the first time, attending a kid social, or studying for a test, Yellowe Kids Co. believes that a child's look should always be a reflection of their most authentic selves.

THE PROJECT: We used the brand's signature vibrant color palette to accentuate the youthful, playful, expressive tone of the brand and its products. We incorporated scrolling animations and the use of animated GIFs in contrast with the dominant white space so that the site would be appealing to both children and parents per the client's request. This website includes categorized eCommerce products, scrolling animations, CTA buttons, custom animated GIFs, and social media integrations.

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