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Non-Profit Website Design and Development via Wix, Logo Design, Digital Marketing Strategy + Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Branding, Content Copywriting (Criminal Justice Blog)

THE CLIENT: Paroled2Pride assists those released from incarceration in starting a new life through education and employment. This non-profit organization bridges the gap between corporate America, the judicial system, and formerly incarcerated people by using an accredited job training curriculum geared towards helping their participants to successfully transition back into their families, communities, and society.

THE PROJECT: We used opposing shades of orange and blue in the organization's logo to convey a political stance while using the indication of a handshake to communicate their efforts to "bridge the gap" between formerly incarcerated people and corporate America. Our team developed an engaging and informative non-profit website that emphasizes the organization's involvement in criminal justice reform while communicating a sense of urgency for viewers to get involved. Their website includes CTA buttons, a categorized blog with subscriptions, client success stories, donation collecting, job listings, and social media integrations.

THE CAMPAIGN: Our digital marketing team used a combination of online marketing strategies to enhance this organization's online presence while raising awareness for their cause including email marketing, social media branding + strategy + management, and content copywriting (newsletter and criminal justice blog).

THE RESULTS: In one year, with our social media and digital marketing strategies, we grew our client's direct website traffic by 436%!
• Total Site Sessions +464%
• Unique Site Visitors +457%
• Website Traffic from Facebook +9600%
• Direct Website Traffic +436%

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