BOSS HISTORY MONTH 2019: Meet Whitney White

It's Black History Month, and we couldn't think of a better way to spend it than introducing you to entrepreneurs who are grinding today to make history tomorrow.

Today we're honored to expose you to the wealth building realtor and financial educator that is Whitney White of The Wealth Opportunity Group.

Share your journey! How did you become the entrepreneur you are today? Trial and error!

In 2013 I took my first stab at running an accessory business and failed miserably. I knew I was going to be my own boss since high school, I just had not yet found my purpose and passion. It took some hard personal experiences and realization to find out who I was as a person. When I was able to set clear, defined goals for myself -- that's when things began to turn around.

The Wealth Opportunity Group is a real estate company that provides wealth education and resources.

What do you do? Are you a full-time entrepreneur, or are you balancing a job and a business? How do you feel about that? I'm a full-time entrepreneur as of 2018, and it is hard. Being a full-time entrepreneur takes dedication and discipline. It's not just waking up when you want to because you are the boss. I had to learn time management, prioritizing, and delegation (if possible).

The first year of business can be the hardest, but the most fun and educational. How was your first year of business? I made a lot of mistakes but I also learned from a lot of great people. New entrepreneurs, get a mentor!

As the old saying goes, "Never forget where you come from." Where are you from? Has your hometown had an impact on your entrepreneurship journey? Be sure to give a shout out to anyone who has helped/supported you during your entrepreneurship journey. (106&Park style shout-outs are acceptable as well. This is a safe space!) I'm from Albany NY, born and raised. Albany is my home and will always hold a piece of my heart.

Making history requires making change. How will your business benefit future generations in your family?

My business will exist for my children to run. I know the importance of teaching my children what they need to know about earning, keeping, and investing money. They will be groomed to be the financially literate business owners that I had to teach myself to be.

Black culture is often idolized for portraying an image of trend-setting fearlessness. How has being Black impacted your entrepreneurship journey? As a Black entrepreneur in Atlanta, we thrive. Being Black has impacted who I want to help with my services and who I market to. I've realized that people do business with people they can relate to.

What advice do you have for Black entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business? Know how to manage your money, identify your customer, and make sure your customer wants what you are offering.

The year is still new! What can we expect to see from your business this year? We will continue to help individuals and families become homeowners, and we'll be rolling out a financial education course on the foundation steps to building wealth.

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