BOSS HISTORY MONTH 2019: Meet Keith Bush

It's Black History Month, and we couldn't think of a better way to spend it than introducing you to entrepreneurs who are grinding today to make history tomorrow.

Today we're honored to expose you to the self-driven soccer coach that is Keith Bush of First Touch Soccer Clinic.

Share your journey! How did you become the entrepreneur you are today? My entrepreneurial start somewhat began from a post-graduate life of knowing what I did not want to do versus a linear idea of what I wanted to do. As cheesy as it sounds, I knew the life I did not want to see myself live and paired my interest with the words of my mother: If you cannot find a career, create one. After hearing that, I decided the way to ensure you have a life in which you love your work is to create the work.

First Touch Soccer Clinic provides instruction and private lessons in the game of soccer.

What do you do? Are you a full-time entrepreneur, or are you balancing a job and a business? How do you feel about that? I'm pretty much a full-time entrepreneur. When I have the time, I assist a general contractor in home renovations. However, my primary focus is my business. As they say, there's always work to be done.

The first year of business can be the hardest, but the most fun and educational. How was your first year of business? The first year of business was exciting, yet a test of faith. It was exciting in that I had a fully operational business, a project, better yet a child to call my own. I saw this and still do as my chance to grow something and watch it blossom. From services performed to inventory and fiscal planning, I was in charge of it all.

The "test(s) of faith" were hard to deal with during that first year. They are honestly hard to deal with at any point but weigh a little more when you are just starting out. There were periods of stagnation, slow development, rejections, opportunities squandered but it was the idea that this business lives and dies with me, which helped me persevere.

As the old saying goes, "Never forget where you come from." Where are you from? Has your hometown had an impact on your entrepreneurship journey? Be sure to give a shout out to anyone who has helped/supported you during your entrepreneurship journey. (106&Park style shout-outs are acceptable as well. This is a safe space!) I was born in Atlanta, Grady Hospital to be exact. I spent what I call my formative years in Queens, New York only to return to Georgia later. In this sense, I would not attribute where I'm from to my entrepreneurship but more so how I was brought up and how I am. The main thing I feel in my case is being personable. You may have all the knowledge or resources in the world, but it does not mean as much as you would believe if people do not like the idea of working with you or being around you. There has been many a time where "putting a face to a name" has helped me solidify clients and opportunities.

Making history requires making change. How will your business benefit future generations in your family?

Hopefully I can, if anything empower and inspire those future generations to find their own path's. If there is no trail, create one.

Black culture is often idolized for portraying an image of trend-setting fearlessness. How has being Black impacted your entrepreneurship journey? Just as the questions reads, a sense of fearlessness. I've learned the value of seeing what you want, assessing how you can and then going after it.

What advice do you have for Black entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business? Find your niche. In today's ever-changing climate there is a market for everything. Find what suits you, that you find passion in constantly, then once you do I would suggest not being afraid to fly. Go after it.

The year is still new! What can we expect to see from your business this year? A goal that I have set for myself is to own a facility -- a facility in which operations and executive decisions alike can be made. That's the target for this year.

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