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Bring your Brand's Identity To Life

What if your company's logo was more than a name? We design custom logos for companies who want to make an impression. Our design team creates one-of-a-kind works that are sure to captivate their audience - whether it be a small or growing business, large corporation, you get the idea. After all: If we can't capture someone with our designs...what's the point in designing at all!

Professional & Customized Logos

Starting a brand new business? Would you like to stand out from the crowd with your logo design and give it that extra something special? Our team of designers can provide custom, quality branding services for any type of company.

We know that a company’s logo is the first thing people see, and your design can make or break how well you're perceived. This is why we've been in business for designing logos for Atlanta-based brands of all sizes! We'll take the time to get it right so you don't have to worry about anything else when doing business with us!


We at BlueCheck Marketing are proud sponsors of today's entrepreneurs who want more than just an awesome product but also need great branding too. If this sounds like something up your alley (pun intended), then getting in contact with our team could be one step closer towards success--whatever form that may take on as long as it's yours

You need a logo, but you want it to be perfect. Luckily for you, the design team at BlueCheck Marketing is dedicated to perfection in every aspect of your project - from designing something that matches your brand's personality and leaves an impression on people who see it or just creates something beautiful and professional.

Quick And Easy Design Process


Choose the logo design service that meets your needs. You will receive a link to download instructions regarding where and how to describe your desired logo design.


On the first review date, you'll receive 3 samples designed according to your description. You will then select the logo that fits your vision best, and provide feedback.


Give us details! The more information you submit, the more accurately we can execute your idea.


You will be permitted two chances to provide feedback and request revisions on the logo design that you've selected from the three samples.


After submitting design details, you'll receive a review date via email


When both rounds of revisions are complete, you'll receive your new logo in .png .pdf .jpg and .pdf format. We provide an all-white and an all-black version of the finished design for your convenience. You'll also receive a style guide, detailing the colors and fonts used in your logo. Finally, you will receive the .psd scratch file.