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Graphic Design Services

When you need a marketing agency in Atlanta, and when you also want to design your project for the best results, come visit us at BlueCheck Marketing Studio. We have everything that we think is necessary from our talented team of designers who can take on any task with an innovative eye on what it could be.


We love Graphic Design!

We are positively thrilled to work with amazing clients and create beautiful designs.

We love our job, day in and out we're faced with different challenges that make us want to come back for more - it's a true passion of ours which is why you can't find anyone happier than people working in this business.

Graphic Design Services

If you're looking for a design company that will make your message stand out, we might be just what the what your business needs. With an understanding of marketing and how to convert prospects into leads, our designers know how best to create designs tailored specifically for each client's needs.

If you want content with visuals as unique and engaging as yours is then look no further than BlueCheck Design Company! We specialize in creating impactful graphics along side other digital projects like websites or social media campaigns that'll leave viewers wanting more from your brand.

Logos and Branding

A logo is not just a symbol of identity; it's the first impression that your company makes on its customers. That’s why we are experts in branding and logos, making sure yours looks great!

Business Cards & Letterhead

A business card can say a lot about you. Showcase your personal and professional side with distinctive letterheads, logos, colors- anything that makes people take notice of the person behind it all!


Social Media graphic design is a very important part of the modern-day. The tone and mood that are conveyed on social media pages can be made to represent an organization's mission statement or goals, which then give off a positive vibe with potential customers.

Infographics Design

Using a design and layout that are both visually appealing is one way to influence the reader's decision making process. High-quality infographics have been proven 30 times more likely to be read than text, so our designers know how best to convey ideas or data in an engaging way.

Web Graphics

We are a team of designers who believe that your site's design should be both beautiful and engaging. We take pride in designing for you the best experience possible to make sure our efforts match what'll please not only your audience, but also yourself as an owner or designer!


Print Design

Your positive, friendly tone of voice will echo through all your print materials and make you seem like an approachable company.


You can trust our creative team to help get your message across. We will design an ad for you that is memorable, unique and speaks effectively - so whether it's a magazine article, trade show or billboard the world sees what’s great about you!

Packaging Design

They'll be charmed the second they catch sight of you and your product. Whether it's a special occasion, or just meeting someone new at work, we can help make that first impression unforgettable!

Pre-Made Graphic Design

Start or revamp your online business IMMEDIATELY with our pre-made designs! Each design is fully optimized and ready to use as soon as you purchase them. Our easy, user friendly templates make it possible for anyone to create a professional looking website in minutes

Why Does Graphic Design Matter?

Have you ever asked yourself, why does graphic design even matter?
When it comes to text on the internet, there is so much information that needs people's attention. It can be hard for readers to find what they are looking for because of all the noise online; with everything happening at once and competing messages from different sources vying for your attention. Graphic designers add a visual component to websites by using images or videos as well as words--and this helps break up long passages, making them easier on both eyes and brain alike. They also use illustrations in conjunction with photos which help tell stories visually while exposing viewers/readers exclusive insights into things like company culture through quirky personalities in their work space (or sometimes just cool chairs!). And though not every

The BlueCheck design team knows the big picture. We know that graphic designs need to easily carry over from your logo into email templates, brochures, and social media pages seamlessly and we'll help you make it happen for your brand!

Graphic Design For Social Media Marketing

Graphic design is an important aspect of any social media campaign. A friendly, conversational tone should be maintained on company pages and profiles to foster a sense of connection with followers through the use of colors, fonts, emojis or other graphics that appeal to target demographic groups.

The color scheme for your profile picture can make it seem more personal by including pictures from vacations you've taken as well as images shared personally online like those found in Instagram photos tagged "bff" (best friends forever). This will give people who view your page reason to follow you while also seeming relatable because they have seen similar things themselves before following someone new.